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The project

This map was set up by Zero Waste Uppsala in partnership with Zero Waste Stockholm to help people to consume differently, using less packaging. The map identifies shops and restaurants that propose bulk products and accept containers brought by their customers. In Uppsala, those shops can easily be identified by the presence of this sticker:

Zero Waste Uppsala sticker

If you know a shop that accepts containers and that is not in the map let us know by filling the form. If you own a shop and want a sticker please contact us here.

Data are for now limited to Uppsala and Stockholm areas, but anyone in Sweden is welcome to contribute.

Current contributors to the mapping of shops are:


How it works

This map uses data from OpenStreetMap and a tool developed by Cartovrac to display shops that propose bulk products or allow customers to user their own containers. Those shops are identified in OpenStreetMap by the tag bulk purchase.

There are two ways to add a shop on the map: you can either ask us to do it by clicking on the button in the upper right corner of the map or add it directly to OpenStreetMap by yourself.

Fill the form and we will add the shop

The form is accessible by clicking on the button in the upper right corner of the map or here.

Add a shop by yourself

In order to add a shop on the map you need to add it on OpenStreetMap. This can be done as follows:

  1. Login on OpenStreetMap (you have to create an account but it is free and quick).
  2. Look for the shop on OpenStreetMap to know if it is referenced.
    • If the shop exists click on "Edit" (upper left of the page) to modify the information related to it.
    • If not : follow the tutorial about adding a new address on OpenStreetMap.
  3. In order to add the shop to the map make sure to add the tag bulk_purchase with the value only if the shop proposes only bulk products or yes if there are bulk products on the shop but it is not it main activity.
  4. Save your modifications.

We update the map four times a day so your modification should appear a few hours later.

Thank you CartoVrac!

Cartovrac is a French team that developed this mapping tool and made it available for free. Many thanks for sharing this project!

To follow or contribute to the development of the project, head to Github.